Chicago hardcore/grind outfit Racetraitor were active making politically charged punk in the late 90s, and -- for better or for worse -- their popularity has sustained itself a bit thanks to drummer Andy Hurley's later fame with Fall Out Boy. Now the left-wing political provocateurs have reunited with the idea of railing against the current political climate. They're releasing a flexi-disc single called By the Time I Get to Pennsylvania, and they've shared that thing via their bandcamp. The two songs are furious slabs of grind-y metalcore, the venom and righteous rage flying from every angle. You can listen to that below.

Meanwhile, they're playing their first show since the late 90s in their hometown of Chicago pretty soon. They'll be at Cobra Lounge on October 22 (which also happens to be the International Day of Action Against Police Brutality). That show also features Earthmover, Lifes, Young & Dead and Through N Through. Tickets are on sale now.

Listen to that new single below.

Andy is also in the recently-formed straightedge supergroup SECT with members of Earth Crisis, Cursed, and Catharsis.

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