Viral racist lawyer Aaron Schlossberg, who became a household name after being filmed going on a racist rant at a NYC restaurant the other day (see above), has ties to the music industry. The NY Post summarizes four cases he was working on:

Schlossberg is representing [film producer and real estate investor Todd Courtney] in two disputes regarding a Downtown building where he previously owned a condo — and is also repping his production company Mammoth Entertainment in a suit against the Global Citizen music festival over payment for documentary footage, records show.

The fourth case is for Upper East Side record label Niche Music Group in a suit against Orchard Enterprises and Sony over royalties.

That's right, the guy who was filmed hating on "foreigners" not once, but twice (it happened two years ago too), is also helping somebody sue the annual festival whose goal it is to "end extreme poverty by 2030." Too perfect.

Hollywood Reporter reported on that suit in 2017:

In a complaint filed in New York Supreme Court on Thursday, Mammoth Entertainment says it was approached after last year's concert to help turn video footage of performances by Rihanna, Metallica, Jay-Z, Coldplay and other acts into short-form and long-form documentaries.

Mammoth says it enlisted Verizon, Hearst Media and Complex Media to fund and then distribute content. Hugh Jackman was brought on board to narrate, and earlier this month, the announcement came of the release of Louder Together: A Global Citizen Documentary — New York to Mumbai.

The plaintiff complains that despite conceiving and developing the film, it got no credit.

MEANWHILE, Niche Music Group, the company Schlossberg was representing against Sony and the Orchard, have apparently fired Schlossberg after seeing the news. They tweeted:

In more bad news for Schlossberg, protesters gathered outside his apartment Friday night, his Yelp profile has been decimated, he apparently lost his office space, has complaints being filed against him, and is being hounded by reporters:

This is the old video that was unearthed along with the new news: