Radiohead wrapped up their four-show run at NYC's Madison Square Garden on Saturday (7/14). Before a second encore-closing rendition of the OK Computer classic "Karma Police," which ended in a crowd-wide singalong, frontman Thom Yorke addressed the audience. "We'd like to thank everybody who's come this week to all the shows," he said, calling the four night run "a celebration of what has happened all over these fucking crazy years we've had together."

At the end of the "Bloom" the show suddenly stopped for a few minutes -- the band looked concerned about something and security could be seen shining flashlights in the crowd. That's all we knew, but one Redditor in attendance allegedly had a better view of the incident:

The incident that happened was right in front of me. Some guy collapsed! Then everyone frantically started waving their phone lights yelling for help which finally did. Bunch of fans that were in medical field came to the rescue until security/EMTs got through the crowd. That’s why Thom stopped to make sure he was good.

Once again, Radiohead switched up the setlist for their final night at MSG this week, adding "2+2=5," "Street Spirit," "House of Cards," and "Give Up the Ghost" into the mix. "Iron Lung" was listed as an alternate encore track, but nixed in favor of "Bodysnatchers." See the full setlist for Saturday night, and watch some video clips, below.

Catch up on the other three nights of Radiohead's NYC run this tour with pictures, video, and setlists from night one HERE, night two HERE, and night three HERE.

Thom Yorke stopped by Michael Stipe's gallery exhibition in Williamsburg while in town, and Jonny Greenwood performed with Junun, and did a Q&A with Paul Thomas Anderson and Nigel Godrich on Monday at Alamo Drafthouse.

Next up on Radiohead's tour itinerary is Montreal on Monday (7/16). The band's North American tour continues into August, wrapping up with two nights in Philadelphia.

Setlist: Radiohead @ Madison Square Garden, 7/14/2018 (Night 4 of 4)
Desert Island Disk
Ful Stop
Kid A
All I Need
No Surprises
Everything In Its Right Place
Lotus Flower
The Numbers
Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
Exit Music (For A Film)
There There
Street Spirit

House of Cards
The Present Tense
The Tourist

Encore 2:
Give Up The Ghost
Karma Police

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