Over the summer Rolling Stone published their totally new 500 Greatest Albums of All Time list and since then, they've shared a few of the individual artist ballots. We saw Ad-Rock's ballot a while back, and Rolling Stone has just talked with Wu-Tang Clan's Raekwon about his, sharing his Top 10, which may or may not include a few projects he has been involved in. You gotta vote for yourself!

His list includes Michael Jackson's Thriller ("takes me back to being a kid again"), The Notorious B.I.G's Ready to Die ("the whole New York scene was on fire back then"), and Mary J. Blige's My Life ("You can’t fuck with that album").

One of his favorites was Paid in Full by Eric B and Rakim. "He made you run out and go buy a radio," says Raekwon. "Back then, the biggest radio for us was the Conion Box, with two big dookie speakers on it. We used to walk up and down the street every day with it, carrying this fucking 12, 13-pound radio — and not mad carrying it up the block, either, as long as you could get those sounds out. His album was the pinnacle of that time."

Check out Raekwon's Top 10 Albums list below and read his commentary on all of them over at Rolling Stone.

10. Michael Jackson, Thriller (1983)
9. Keith Sweat, Make It Last Forever (1987)
8. Lauryn Hill, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill (1998)
7. Raekwon, Only Built 4 Cuban Linx (1995)
6. Mary J. Blige, My Life (1994)
5. The Notorious B.I.G., Ready to Die (1994)
4. Wu-Tang Clan, Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) (1993)
3. Boogie Down Productions, Criminal Minded (1987)
2. Eric B. and Rakim, Paid in Full (1987)
1. Ghostface Killah, Supreme Clientele (2000)

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