Following a number of releases on Asthmatic Kitty (like 2010's Animal Feelings, for example), San Diego pop eccentric Rafter will release his first album for Joyful Noise, XYZ, on October 28. It follows 2014's It's Reggae, and we've got the premiere of lead single "You Are The Last Of Your Kind." It's got super-busy production, tons of layers, swirling vocal effects, and more in its hard-to-pin-down sound. It's actually very catchy, but this is nothin' for the radio. Listen:


1. I've Done The Strangest Things
2. Lonely World
3. You Are The Last Of Your Kind
4. Life Like
5. Oblivion
6. The Things I've Learned For Reggae
7. When I Die I Wanna Get Some Of My Blood
On Them
8. Rafter vs. Mai Mai
9. We Could Be Monsters
10. Weird Animal

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