UPDATE 3: B-Real and Chuck D of RATM offshoot Prophets of Rage have issued statements on Prophets of Rage's demise, following the news of the RATM reunion.

Less than 30 minutes from the time we started writing this post, Rage Against the Machine drummer Brad Wilk posted the above photo of somebody playing drums with a gorilla mask on, with the caption "Hope y’all had a good Halloween." The post is already filled with comments, but not about Halloween. Everybody is either telling Brad that they're really excited to hear RATM have reunited, or are asking him if the rumors are true.

The rumors started to arise after a new, possibly-not-real Rage Against the Machine Instagram page surfaced. The account's first and only post is a photo of recent Chilean protests, the same photo that RATM guitarist Tom Morello posted last week as a repost from RATM fan page @war_within_a_breath. (He captioned it, "Chile is not messing around. USA NEXT?") The caption on the pic is a list of tour dates, including shows in Texas, New Mexico, and Phoenix for March 2020, and Coachella.

None of the members of the band have addressed the rumors yet, but as The PRP points out, Juliette Lewis (who is currently in a relationship with Brad Wilk) liked the post. @war_within_a_breath also posted, "THIS IS NOT A DRILL! Rage Against the Machine announced five shows for 2020 on their new instagram," and added, "Along with other sources close to RATM, Juliette Lewis (who is dating Brad) confirmed to me the announcement is real." In their Instagram story, the RATM fan page added "To everyone asking me if this is real: I would NEVER joke about something this serious, I would NEVER post 'rumors' if I couldn't back it up with solid proof. This isn't a dream, this is real life."

Meanwhile, Forbes reports that RATM associate Wayne Kamemoto said "The band's social media is accurate."

We have no idea about the validity of any of this (and we reached out to a representative for Tom Morello for comment), but it is kind of weird that none of the band members are immediately shooting the rumors down, given that the RATM fan account (who Tom clearly interacts with) swears that Juliette Lewis (who Brad is in a relationship with) says it's true. And it's especially weird that Brad isn't answering any of the comments asking him about it, and that he put his Halloween post up hours after the rumors started circulating. (Tom Morello also posted a Halloween costume, but that was last night and he hasn't posted on socials since the rumors began.)

But if it IS real, why would it only be announced on an unverified Instagram account when the band could have announced it on their verified Facebook page? And a band of this size probably isn't contractually allowed to announce that they're reuniting to play Coachella before Coachella even announces their own lineup, but then again, RATM aren't gonna do what you tell them.


Rage Against The Machine -- 2020 Tour Dates???????
El Paso, TX March 26, 2020
Las Cruces, NM March 28, 2020
Phoenix, AZ March 30, 2020
Indio, CA April 10, 2020
Indio, CA April 17, 2020

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