As mentioned, rumors of a Rage Against The Machine reunion began circulating after a new Instagram account with the band's name (but no blue verified check mark update: the account is now verified) posted a series of 2020 dates and venues, including both weekends of Coachella, with a picture of the recent Chilean protests. It's the same picture that guitarist Tom Morello reposted from a RATM fan account last week. Since then, several sources have claimed to confirm the reunion.

The first to comment (and to somehow find the new account) was the same fan account Tom reposted from, @war_within_a_breath, who -- among other things -- wrote, "along with other sources close to RATM, Juliette Lewis (who is dating Brad [Wilk]) confirmed to me the announcement is real." (Juliette also liked the post on RATM's instagram that announces the dates.)

Next, an article on Forbes by music contributor Steve Baltin with "Confirmed" in the headline, reports that music manager and RATM associate Wayne Kamemoto said, "the band’s social media is accurate."

Consequence of Sound claims to have also confirmed the reunion via "industry sources" who "have confirmed to Consequence of Sound that the posting is accurate, and that the band is planning to play more shows beyond these initial dates."

Popular music festival themed Twitter account Festive Owl, is also independently saying that "The band WILL be adding additional shows + festival dates specifically ahead of the 2020 US election."

Another popular RATM fan account on Twitter, @RATM, which describes itself as "news from Tom, Tim, Brad & Zack since 2010 with their blessing. Run by fans, not a label or agency. Also talk Prophets & Audioslave. Blue tick not needed," also just shared the reunion dates without comment.... UPDATE: now they added "'s true...2020..."

The band members' social media accounts have been silent on the matter, as has Coachella and the band's official, verified account on Facebook. They've all had plenty of time to deny this by now, and nobody who said "confirmed" seems to be reversing their stance. Stay tuned for more updates.

UPDATE: B-Real and Chuck D of RATM offshoot Prophets of Rage have issued statements on Prophets of Rage's demise, following the news of the RATM reunion.

Update, Tom Morello posted another new tweet, but it isn't about RATM.

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