Reunited indie/emo greats Rainer Maria are staying active, and like they did at the very start of their reunion, they'll play New Year's in NYC.

This time there's two shows, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day, both happening at Saint Vitus and proudly presented by BrooklynVegan. NYE is with Snail Mail and NYD is with Olivia Neutron John. You can get tickets to Dec 31 and Jan 1 now.

Rainer Maria covered Birthmark (aka Nate Kinsella, who is currently in American Football) for the just-released Polyvinyl covers compilation. Rainer Maria were covered by American Football singer Mike Kinsella's solo project Owen, and he told us a bit about that:

I love [Rainer Maria], I used to sell merch for them. When I finished college I had nothing to do so I’d jump in the car with them and sell merch for them on tours. Eventually they were like ‘if you wanna open the show and write some songs…’ so it’s sort of the reason I’m playing music, because of Rainer Maria.

Listen to the whole compilation:

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