Rainer Maria singer/bassist Caithlin De Marrais has announced her third solo album, What Will You Do Then?, due February 12 via Skeletal Lightning (pre-order). The album features contributions from Caithlin's Rainer Maria bandmate Kaia F, as well as vocalists Annie Nero and Mark Duplass, multi-instrumentalists Lary Hoffman and Lucola Bang, drummer Stuart Gunter, MIDI programmer Emily Lee, and others.

Caithlin released her heaviest music yet when Rainer Maria returned with their 2017 comeback album, but What Will You Do Then? lead single "(Let Me Have A) Diamond Heart" finds Caithlin going in a more subtle electronic pop direction, kinda picking up where her last solo album (2011's Red Coats) left off but exploring some new ground too. Listen below.

Skeletal Lightning will also reissue Caithlin's first two solo albums (Red Coats and 2008's My Magic City) the same day the new album comes out, and those can be pre-ordered here. The label also recently put out Caithlin's new compilation Outtakes & Alternates and you can hear that below.

Caithlin De Marrais What will You Do Then


1. Good Luck Come Back
2. Once In A Lifetime (Love) (ft. Mark Duplass)
3. Eighty Four (ft. Annie Nero)
4. My Astrology
5. (Let Me Have A) Diamond Heart
6. The Moon DGAF
7. Gambling Heart
8. Turnaround
9. Birthday Song
10. Secret Book Club

words by Erin Christie & Andrew Sacher


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