After the 2010 breakup of Voxtrot, singer Ramesh Srivastava went solo as Ramesh, but he hasn't released a new album since his 2014 solo debut The King. Some singles have come out since then, but now he's finally set to release a second full-length album, Eternal Spring, on March 11 via Cult Hero Records (pre-order). Along with the announcement comes the title track, a grand, '80s-style rock song with dramatic piano, sweeping strings, triumphant horns, and Ramesh's unmistakable voice in the forefront. It comes with a self-directed video that stars Ramesh alongside several dancers (with choreography by Diogo de Lima), and here's what Ramesh tells us about it:

I started writing this song when I was 31 and seeing a guy who was 24. He quickly ghosted me and I was devastated, which set me on a course of examining my dating history…illuminating my many codependent entanglements and behavior at his age. The song is a poetic exploration of the desire to break free of such entanglements into something more mature and meaningful. When we made the video I was considering how my experience as a gay person has informed my approach to dating — that most areas of my life have been affected by an underlying lack of self-worth and that the journey toward true love begins with a battle for self-love. Thus, I wanted it to be a visual love letter to the particular power(s) that I perceive in LGBTQ+ people, inspired by directors like Pedro Almodóvar and Isaac Julien’s 1989 film Looking for Langston. The video follows a loose narrative of starting in isolation, finding one’s people, experiencing the intentionality of nature/divinity within, and ultimately celebrating that beauty.

Watch the new music video and the album trailer below.

1. Redemption 04:33
2. Wilderness of the Heart 03:31
3. Rush 03:51
4. Eternal Spring 04:12
5. The Fool 03:56
6. New Style 03:46
7. Revolution 04:15
8. Valentino 04:14
9. Acid & Tender 03:21
10. Ramos Improv Suite 03:13

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