Ramonda Hammer are a new-ish four-piece band from LA, named after one of the women on the reality TV show Cheaters. "It sounds like a super grungy, underground girl band from the 90s," singer Devin Davis told Mind Equals Blown. (Not that Devin Davis and definitely not that one.) They released their debut album Whatever That Means earlier this year, and they're quickly following it with the new single "Zombie Sweater" on Halloween. Devin's voice has already picked up a few comparisons to '90s-No Doubt-era Gwen Stefani, and she does indeed sound a lot like Gwen. They're mostly similar to No Doubt's pop punk side, or the grungier stuff that was going on around that same time. Devin and the rest of the band all seem to agree that they sound like the Pixies, and Devin also namedrops Bully and Dilly Dally as two modern bands she'd like to tour with (both of which also came to my mind while listening to Ramonda Hammer). The album sounds big, which isn't too surprising as it was co-produced and recorded by Morgan Stratton, whose résumé includes Haim, Alanis Morissette, Band of Horses, Arctic Monkeys and other big stuff. The new single premieres in this post. You can listen to that and stream their LP below.

The band also has upcoming shows, including two in NYC this week. The first is tonight (10/25) at Cake Shop for a late show with Blasteroid and Old Fashioned Bleeding Hearts (tickets); and the second is Wednesday (10/26) at Barranquilla in Brooklyn with Ex-Girlfriends, Espejismo, and Rosebug (more info). All dates are listed below.

Ramonda Hammer -- 2016 Tour Dates
10/25 - New York, NY - Cake Shop
10/26 - Brooklyn, NY - Barranquilla
10/27 - Boston, MA - Northeastern University
10/28 - Chicago, IL
10/29 - Denver, CO - Streets of London
11/1 - Los Angeles, CA - The Hi Hat (residency)
11/8 - Los Angeles, CA - The Hi Hat (residency)
11/15 - Los Angeles, CA - The Hi Hat (residency)
11/22 - Los Angeles, CA - The Hi Hat (residency)
11/29 - Los Angeles, CA - The Hi Hat (residency)

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