Avril Lavigne

Buzzfeed just gave us 23 Pieces of Evidence That Punk Is Dead, one of which was a pillow that showed British boy band One Direction co-opting the famous Ramones logo. Perhaps this "homage" went over a few heads though, because when respected punk icon Avril Lavigne recently wore a Ramones shirt in public it prompted a One Direction fan-twitter to tweet "Avril Lavigne recently wore a One Direction t-shirt!" Of course, as you can see above, it didn't take long for an Avril fan-twitter to clarify "it is a band called the Romones which she loves!"

Meanwhile, longtime Ramones (sp?) member Marky Ramone is currently touring with his band Blitzkreig (with Andrew WK on vocals) and FIGO opening, and that tour hits NYC on Saturday (10/5) at Irving Plaza. Tickets for that show are still available.