Rancid's new touring festival The Bash hit NJ's Old Bridge Township Raceway on Sunday (6/2), and, like other tristate area festivals that day, Sunday's severe weather got in the way. Rancid got just 4 full songs into their set (all from the classic era -- "Roots Radials," "Radio," "Journey to the End of the East Bay," and "Maxwell Murder"), before lightning struck during the beginning of "The 11th Hour," Rancid's sound was cut, the festival made the announcement that the show was over. And then came the downpour.

The festival posted a statement to Instagram afterwards, which reads: "Safety is our #1 concern. Due to inclement weather, we had to ask all patrons to seek shelter. When we were able to resume the show, the noise curfew with the venue had passed and we were unable to lawfully continue the show. Thank you for everyone's understanding and we look forward to seeing you next year!"

Earlier in the day, things kicked off at 4 PM with Madball, who treated the crowd to a set of their trademark jams and did their tried and true chant: "When I say New York, you say hardcore!" There was a short delay in between Madball and the next band, L7, due to lightning striking about six miles away, but things quickly resumed. L7, fresh off playing two Brooklyn shows, were up next, and like in Brooklyn, they loaded their set with classics and put on a hell of a show. Donita mentioned the delay, and then said "Ride the lightning."

Crossover thrash vets Suicidal Tendencies took the stage with another highly energetic set with classics like "Institutionalized" and an extended version of "You Can't Bring Me Down," during which they got the crowd all involved in the song's shouting. Last band before Rancid was Pennywise, who talked about how they enjoy covering songs of bands they like, and then shouted out Black Flag, Sublime, Circle Jerks, and Minor Threat and played a snippet of a song by each band as they shouted them out. They ended up playing the full version of Minor Threat's "Minor Threat," and then they also covered "Stand By Me," starting it off as a faithful cover but then turning it into a punk song.

Pictures of The Bash in NJ, including of Rancid's abbreviated set, are in the gallery above.

The Bash continues in Boise (6/8), Tacoma (6/9), San Jose (6/15), and Sacramento (6/16), with the lineup varying slightly by date. More info and tickets here, and you can also WIN A PAIR OF VIP TICKETS to the remaining show of your choice. Rancid and Pennywise are also playing this year's Riot Fest.


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