The Late Ones are the rap/reggae fusion trio of brothers Tui and Tau Avei and their cousin Josh Brrunson, who originally formed in Laie, Hawaii and are now based in Gardena, California, and they're gearing up to release their four-song Lately EP on December 4 via Easy Star Records (pre-order). We're premiering the powerful video for new single "Babylon Exists," which was filmed at the LA George Floyd protests earlier this year, which the band attended.

"'Babylon Exists' is a straight shot at the evil and brutality that we feel from the government and police," Tau says. "This song is an anthem stating that evil is real - and until we all can unite and figure out how to truly put an end to it, it’s gonna live on forever."

"As one of the only black American reggae bands we knew we had to use our platform we have been blessed with through our music to make a stand," they add. "We have been talking about police brutality, inequality and injustice since before Eric Garner was killed and have always stood for what’s right. 'Babylon' Exists the song was written six years ago, but we put our faith in Jah and he says now is the time it is needed. We heard, listened and delivered this to you all in Gods timing."

"We demand justice for all killed by the police and will continue fighting with our music! These shots [in the video] were filmed throughout downtown LA and Venice Beach where we clearly see Babylon Exists. Here’s the evidence."

The song and its lyrics are as impactful as the images in the video, and the music offers up a seamless fusion of the grooves and harmonies of mid/late '70s reggae with the incisive bars of '90s Native Tongues-style rap. It's great stuff, as you can check out for yourself right here:

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