Back in 1994, Jerry Garcia collaborated with Indian-American guitarist and composer Sanjay Mishra, recording at The Grateful Dead's Club Front Studios. The sessions were used for Mishra's 1995 album Blue Incantation, but a few unused tracks have now been officially released as a new record, Front Street Outtakes, via the Jerry Garcia Music Arts.

“Unique and mysterious, these mixes consist of the recordings in pure form," says Mishra, "with just the guitars and percussion, all unedited, including the tape reel running out on the first track.” These represent "one of Garcia's last full album recording projects completed at the Grateful Dead's iconic Club Front Studios" -- Jerry died in 1995 -- and you can listen to Front Street Outtakes below.

Jerry Garcia Music Arts is donating 25% of all digital sales of Front Street Outtakes to Paramahansa Yogananda's Self-Realization Fellowship.


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