We recently announced that we'd be helping Ratboys celebrate their 10th anniversary as a band by presenting a new virtual performance. However, that's not the only way Ratboys are marking the decade: they've now released a surprise new album, Happy Birthday, Ratboy, ten years to the day after their first EP, 2011's Ratboy, came out.

Happy Birthday, Ratboy features new recordings of all five songs on the 2011 EP, which they recorded as a duo, before expanding their lineup and signing to Topshelf, as well as five more of the band's college-era tracks, and most recent single "Go Outside" (which is on the record, but not the Bandcamp stream). The new versions sound fantastic, freshly polished and fleshed out takes on songs that very much hold up, and you can see the cover art and tracklisting, and stream the album, below.

Meanwhile, tickets are on sale now for the anniversary livestream, which airs on Thursday, April 29 at 9 PM ET, and we're also giving away a couple.


Ratboys - Happy Birthday, Ratboy Tracklisting
1. The Stanza
2. Down the River
3. Intense Judgement
4. Key
5. at 39 is annie the oldest cat
6. Space Blows
7. Collected
8. Cacao to Cacao
9. Have a Heart
10. 88 Fingers Edward