In a new interview on BBC Channel 4, Ray Davies says he, brother Dave Davies and drummer Mick Avory are back together as The Kinks. "The trouble is, the two remaining members – my brother Dave and Mick – never got along very well," said Ray. "But I've made that work in the studio and it's fired me up to make them play harder, and with fire." Ray admits he hasn't gotten Dave and Mick in the same room together yet, but he's "working on it." The Davies and Avory are "considering" a new Kinks' album that Ray says would be inspired by the Rolling Stones. "I've got all these songs that I wrote for the band when we – not broke up – parted company, and I think it's kind of an appropriate time to do it." Ray's tone in the interview is jovial and when BBC's Krishnan Guru-Murthy asks him point-blank if the Kinks reuniting, Ray says "Officially we are yes," then wryly adds, " the pub later on." Ray actually gets a call from Mick during the interview. Watch the whole interview below.

He then went on to say, "It won't be well-organized like the Rolling Stones. You must praise the Rolling Stones for being great at publicity and a great band great at organizing their careers and Mick has done an incredible PR job and it’s kind of inspiring to see them doing it...but The Kinks will probably be playing the local bar." Ray and Dave performed together at a show, briefly, in 2015. The Kinks called it quits in 1996.

Ray has a new solo album, Our Country: Americana Act II, due out this week via Sony Legacy and you can check out "Our Country" from it, as well as the LP artwork and tracklist, below.

1. Our Country
2. The Invaders (spoken word)
3. Back In The Day
4. Oklahoma U.S.A.
5. Bringing Up Baby
6. The Getaway
7. The Take
8. We Will Get There
9. The Real World
10. A Street Called Hope
11. The Empty Room
12. Calling Home
13. Louisiana Sky
14. March Of The Zombies
15. The Big Weird
16. Tony And Bob
17. The Big Guy
18. Epilogue
19. Muswell Kills

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