Canadian thrash/speed metal legends Razor reissued some classic albums on Relapse and played some reunion shows a few years back, and now they've announced their first new album in 25 years! It's called Cycle of Contempt and due September 23 via Relapse (pre-order). It was made by longtime vocalist Bob Reid, founding members Dave Carlo (guitars) and Mike Campagnolo (bass), and newer drummer Rider Johnson. Dave Carlo says, "I tried to write songs that everybody could listen to and say, “Yeah, I know a guy who's done that to me or done this, or I know that situation. I can relate to that. And I didn’t want to make everything specifically about me because when you do that, you exclude people. I wanted to include everyone that’s ever felt pissed off about anything."

First single "Flames of Hatred" finds Razor staying true to the whiplash-inducing thrash metal that they helped define with their classic '80s and early '90s albums, and you can hear it below.

1. Flames of Hatred
2. Jabroni
3. Off My Meds
4. A Bitter Pill
5. Crossed
6. First Rate Hate
7. Cycle of Contempt
8. Setup
9. Punch Your Face In
10. All Fist Fighting
11. Darkness Falls
12. King Shit

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