San Francisco punks Re-Volts -- whose lineup includes Spike Slawson (of Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, Uke-Hunt, Swingin' Utters, and more) and Jack Dalrymple (of Swingin' Utters, One Man Army, Dead To Me, toyGuitar, and more), along with bassist Paul Oxborrow (who plays in toyGuitar with Jack) and drummer Colin Delaney -- have a new three-song 7", Leeches, out this week on Pirates Press Records. It includes the new original songs "Leeches" and "Metropolis or Bust," along with a cover of the pop standard "Love Letters," and we're premiering the title track. It's very much in the classic, '70s-style, rock n' roll-inspired mode of punk, and it's a ripper. The band says:

Take our word for it, next time you’re feeling a little sluggish, try a liberal application of leeches (yes, leeches) to your "hot-spots." Meanwhile, flush out yer pipes and keep yer humours balanced with the Re-Volts’ 7” record featuring our brand new songs, "Leeches" and "Metropolis or Bust," as well as a loverly rendition of one of our favorite thirsty love songs, "Love Letters"—out NOW on Pirates Press Records. Feast your ears!!!

You can pick up the 7" at the Pirates Press Records webstore and pre-save the EP on streaming services.

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