by Doug Moore (with interview by Turk Durmac)


We mentioned several months back that NY thrash legends Overkill would spend the fall touring with equally time-tested Teutonic thrashers Kreator and youngbloods Warbringer. Their tour is wrapping up this week with two dates at Stage 48 on 11/23 and 11/24. Appropriately, Overkill will headline both of these home-turf shows. Tickets, including a two-day pass for the truly obsessed, are available.

We've got an interview with frontman and noted cancer survivor Bobby Blitz over at Invisible Oranges, and goddamn is it a doozy. Guest contributor Turk Durmac talked to Blitz about every single album of Overkill's 33-year career, including their as-yet-untitled 2014 effort. Here are a few excerpts:

On blowing his voice as a young singer:

In the early days, my father used to accuse me of doing this for free beer and girls, and to some degree that was true -- it was just a cool thing to do. On Feel the Fire, I approached my vocals wide-eyed, just wanting to tear it up. Not over-thinking anything, just standing behind the mic. I remember in those days, I'd push so hard that I'd lose my voice. You know, I'm in my early twenties and I should be losing my voice, but I'd scream so loud or sing so hard that I did. But that was the approach: action versus reaction. Action was the tape I was hearing in the headphones and the Reaction was the vocal I was laying down, trying to match that energy.

On the mid-tour collapse of Megadeth's first lineup:

They were coming off the rails and they were a really exciting band because they were coming off the rails. There was something really charming about that explosiveness. You know, I remember standing in Philedelphia and Dave saying to the audience, "You've just witnessed the last performance of Megadeth." And this was 1987! I think there was a great camaraderie between the bands. Even with Dave and Junior, there still is. They're great guys and great friends. I still think of that tour fondly, one of my favorites.

On being forced to re-audition for Megaforce Records:

I was so insulted. We were getting the Horrorscope stuff together and Megaforce said, "We're not sure we want to keep the band." They wanted us to audition for them. And I said, "You're kidding." We had some people in our corner, for sure, but we had to stand in front of fifteen Megaforce people and play the Horrorscope record on a stage in Brooklyn -- that's not well known, but now it is. I was so insulted, but the amount of energy I had for that record...I remember standing next to D.D., who's always calm and collected, and I said, "I'm gonna shove my fist so far up Johnny Z.'s ass..." (laughs) It worked out pretty well.

Read the whole monster over at Invisible Oranges. The remaining dates of the Overkill/Kreator tour and a stream of Overkill's most recent record are below.


Overkill & Kreator tour
11/21/13 Diamond Pub & Billiards - Louisville, KY *KREATOR headlines*
11/22/13 Empire - W. Springfield, VA *Overkill headlines*
11/23/13 Stage 48 - New York City, NY *Overkill headlines*
11/24/13 Stage 48 - New York City, NY *Overkill headlines*

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