Ready For Death is a new thrash band featuring Artie White (Indecision, Milhouse, Concrete Cross), Dallas Thomas (Pelican, Asschapel, Swan King), Dan Binaei (Racetraitor, Haggathorn), Shawn “The Beast” Brewer (Haggathorn), and Luca Cimarusti (Luggage, Annihilus). The band came together after a chance encounter between Artie and Dallas, who met while taking their kids to taekwondo class, unaware of each other's musical histories until one day when their kids were having a playdate and Dallas dug through Artie's record collection. "Swans... Bolt Thrower... Napalm Death... Neurosis...wait...this guy isn't a normal dad!" The band name also came from Dallas' five-year old daughter, who one day busted the door open to his basement studio with a toy sword and yelled "READY FOR DEATH!" before attacking her dad.

The band recorded a demo in their practice space, that Dallas later mixed at home, and when the record label Translation Loss heard the demo, they insisted that this was the album, and that's what's getting released later this year. Release date is still TBA, but we're now premiering lead single "Cyborg Priest," a ripper of a song that reconnects thrash metal with its raw punk roots.

"This track introduces the character of the Cyborg Priest, the deranged, dystopian, cosmic cult leader who is one of the main players in the lyrics of our debut record’s sci-fi-horror rock-opera," Luca Cimarusti tells us. "He’s collecting followers, and he’s destroying everything in sight."

"I was the last member to join Ready For Death, and when I was asked to join, Dallas sent me a handful of stripped-down demos they had recorded in his basement with a programmed drum track. When I heard this song, I knew I would be a fool not to join the band. I think it showcases what makes Dan and Dallas such incredible guitar players: crushing riffs; over-the-top solos; dissonant, unsettling leads. And Artie’s lyrics and vocals had me wishing I could join the Cyborg Priest’s cult myself."


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