Real Estate were recently announced for Coachella and soon after that, they revealed that their fourth album was in the can. Yesterday, they teased the album with a subway ad in Williamsburg, and today it's finally announced.

Real Estate's fourth album is called In Mind and it comes out March 17 via Domino. It follows 2014's In Atlas and frontman Martin Courtney's folk rock-leaning 2015 solo album. It's also their first since Matt Mondanile left the band to focus on Ducktails, and was replaced by Julian Lynch. They recorded it with producer Cole M. Greif-Neill, who used to be a member of Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti, and has also worked with Julia Holter, Beck, and more.

The lead single is "Darling," which has all the clean, arpeggiated guitar you expect from Real Estate, with some nice atmospheric synths in the background too. It really takes its time, with over a minute of buildup before Martin starts singing, but the payoff is worth it. Check out the video (directed by Weird Days), which stars the band performing... and a horse.

1. Darling
2. Serve The Song
3. Stained Glass
4. After The Moon
5. Two Arrows
6. White Light
7. Holding Pattern
8. Time
9. Diamond Eyes
10. Same Sun
11. Saturday


Real Estate -- 2017 Tour Dates
4/16 Coachella Indio, CA
4/23 Coachella Indio, CA