Last year, it was reported that Matt Mondanile left Real Estate to focus on his own band Ducktails. Today, reports surfaced that there was another reason he was removed from the band. Real Estate told Pitchfork:

Matt Mondanile was fired in February 2016 when allegations of unacceptable treatment of women were brought to our attention. While we urged him to seek counseling at the time of termination, we are no longer in contact. We feel that any abuse of one’s power or status to victimize another is completely unacceptable. We applaud the courage of the women who came forward to make us aware so that we could address the issue head on.

In a phone call to Pitchfork, Mondanile "denied any wrongdoing."

A former publicist of Mondanile's also told SPIN:

When I heard these allegations I spoke with the label and told them I could no longer work with him. The label suggested they would be doing the same. The band firing came later I believe. That was the end of my dealings with him. We never had contact again. He unfollowed me on social media, etc.

Domino did stop working with Ducktails (the new Ducktails album came out on his own New Images label), though SPIN says the label would not comment on whether or not these allegations were part of their decision.

Real Estate replaced Mondanile with Julian Lynch, and their fourth album In Mind came out on Domino earlier this year.

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