With no concerts happening, artists have taken to performing live online and there are dozens of livestreams happening every day. Real Estate, who did a set on nugs.tv on Sunday, are now trying to bring the concert experience into your own home, literally, with their new "Quarantour" app. They're calling it an "augmented reality concert experience," and through you phone's camera, it puts the band wherever you point it, a la Pokemon Go. "Collectively we wondered if there was a way to bring a live experience to fans when no one can leave their home," the band said in a statement. "Instead of having a set time when everyone must join a live stream, what if we could make this an on demand experience people could use whenever/wherever the feeling strikes? That's what augmented reality affords us."

The "Quarantour" setlist features seven songs from this year's terrific The Main Thing. You can download the "Quarantour" app for IOS and Android here, and you can watch a demo and listen to The Main Thing below.