Real Estate member Alex Bleeker (who dropped "and the Freaks" from his name) will follow 2015's Country Agenda with a new solo album, Heaven on the Faultline, on March 5 via Night Bloom Records. We're premiering lead single "D Plus," which fuses the sounds of Alex's NJ hometown heroes Yo La Tengo and The Feelies with the folky American Beauty/Workingman's Dead era sounds of his beloved Grateful Dead. It also was inspired by the political climate, as Alex explains:

I wrote the lyrics to D Plus on January 20, 2017 - Inauguration day. As I anxiously watched this terrifying political nightmare play out on the streets of America's capital, I wrote this song as a reminder that we're all plugged into a much deeper universal consciousness; one that is graciously indifferent to this seemingly precarious moment. In times of personal stress, it's comforting for me to remember that I am part of an unfathomably large system that will continue to achieve its own balance indefinitely. That said, it's not lost on me that this song is finally seeing the light of day just 11 days before the U.S. general election....VOTE.

The song may have come from a place of terror and anxiety but it sounds breezy and calming. It comes with a video directed by Alex's Real Estate bandmate Julian Lynch, and you can watch that below.

Alex Bleeker Heaven Frontline

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