Today is the 10th anniversary of Rebecca Black's instant-classic "Friday," and this is an anniversary that must be celebrated, so thankfully Rebecca has just released a new remix of the song. Amazingly, the remix was done by 100 gecs' Dylan Brady, who basically turns it into a 100 gecs song, and it features fellow hyperpop artist Dorian Electra (whose 2020 album My Agenda also featured Dylan Brady and Rebecca Black), bounce queen Big Freedia, and crunkcore veterans 3OH!3. You can watch the video for the song below. You know you want to.

Rebecca also spoke to Stereogum about the history of "Friday," the impact it left on her life, this new remix, and more. Here's an excerpt of what she said about the new remix:

It was actually about a year ago that I randomly posted this nine-year anniversary post for “Friday.” I really didn’t think it would end up the way that it did, but sure enough, a lot of people were really curious about what I’m up to. One of the first people to reach out to me was Laura Les. I’ve been a fan of 100 gecs for a long time. I saw them play in LA when you could still do that. I just really love that whole community so much. And [Laura] just reached out wanting to work together and try something together, and then the world shut down. A few months later, Dorian also reached out.

I’m a huge fan of all of these artists’ music, and I guess they just didn’t really know what to expect when reaching out. So it just happened really naturally. They’re all people who I can consider friends and people who are excited about the same kinds of things. I think we all are inspired by what each other likes and finds interesting. We like to have fun in what we’re doing, rather than it being a competitive community, which I think is easy to do in music. And whenever anybody wants to be a part of something it’s like, of course. So I feel so lucky to have been able to ask Dylan to produce this remix and him immediately be like, are you kidding? Yes. And same with Dorian and 3OH!3 and Big Freedia. It’s a lot of friends just helping friends out because we like each other and the things that we do.

Rebecca also curated Spotify's hyperpop playlist this week:

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