Record Store Day held three consecutive monthly "Drops" in 2020 instead of their usual single day event, because of COVID-19. They announced a date for this year in December, but as the pandemic continues, for 2021 they're continuing the "Drop" model instead, and holding them over two days, June 12 and July 17.

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We've spent the last few months watching the news, listening to health officials, talking with record stores, labels, and RSD organizers the world over, and because we still don't have a magic 8-ball to tell us what things are going to look like in a few months, we've decided the smartest thing to do is bring back the concept of RSD Drops for 2021.

The RSD Drops will take place on June 12 and July 17 at participating stores worldwide.

These are street dates for special titles coming to participating indie record stores. As with the successful RSD Drops dates in 2020, the focus this year is on supporting indie record stores with sales, and saving the big parties, shows, in-stores, crowds and celebrations for (fingers crossed) Record Store Day 2022.

As they did last year for the three RSD Drops, stores will be handling sales and store procedures in the way they determine to be right for themselves and their community and that may mean something different than you're used to. We recommend you check in with your local record stores --join their email lists, follow them on social media-- so you're as in the loop as possible.

Stay tuned for this year's exclusive releases.

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