Red Death have become one of the best and most loved modern crossover thrash bands since forming in 2013, and it's been less than a year since they released Sickness Divine -- their first album for Century Media and most accessible and musically diverse yet -- but sadly they've just broken up. Stereogum points to a tweet from the band, which reads:

After 7 years and countless shows we’ve decided to end the band and go our separate ways. Big thanks to all the amazing people that have helped us out and supported us over the years. We love and appreciate each and every one of you! Until next time...

- Red Death (2013-2020)

Bummer. Fingers crossed for an eventual reunion!

Red Death's career has also been closely tied with Power Trip's, and they were one of the many bands to pay tribute to Riley Gale after his passing earlier this year. "No one championed this band harder than Riley did,' they said. "Spreading our demo around within the first hour of it being online. Constantly putting on/looking out for us. Eternal love and respect for Riley and Power Trip. Proud to call you guys brothers."

Watch some Red Death videos...

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