Today's a big day for Red Hot Chili Peppers fans. It's the 30th anniversary of their smash breakthrough album Blood Sugar Sex Magic. They also just announced a 2022 tour, which will be their first with guitarist John Frusciante (who played on BSSM) in 15 years. (He rejoined the band in 2019.) The announcement came via a parody of a local newscast, with Anthony Kiedis and Flea playing KHOT anchors Johnson Hammerswaddle and Todd The Squirrel, and drummer Chad Smith as weatherman Randy Rainbow. It's all very Ron Burgundy.

After a few news and weather jokes, they bring out Frusciante and interview him about the tour, which starts in June, with US dates starting in July. Chaos ensues. Tour plans either shifted since they filmed this, or maybe it was just part of the joke, but Frusciante is clearly saying "May" in the video but badly overdubbed with "June" while a yellow "JUNE" graphic covers his mouth. It's a fun video and you can watch that below.

As for details on the tour, those are still to come. Stay tuned

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