Australian band Redspencer released their debut album, Perks, back in November -- a warm, jazzy record thats big on hooks and harmonies. The band site Rodriguez and Yo La Tengo as influences, though these ears hear a lot of Trashcan Sinatras in there as well. It's a great Sunday Morning record, too. If you haven't checked it out, you can stream it via Hype Machine, below.

Redspencer are one of the many artists who have submitted end-of-year Top 10 Lists for us and theirs may be of help this upcoming holiday seasons: "Songs to get you through your hangover." Say the band:

The internet is full of playlists to help launch you into party mode, but who will be there to caress you when you’ve used up four days worth of happy juice and can’t even walk to the corner store for ice cream? There is a solution, it involves discontinuing to treat your body like a toilet. And truth is, next weekend you’ll just be making the same shitty decisions anyway. So here’s a playlist to help you survive your inevitable dark and lonely hangover.

Redspencer's LP would also be a good choice for hangover listening. Check out their that list, and their commentary on their choices, below.

Redspencer's Top 10 Songs to Get You Through Your Hangover

1. ‘Everyday it’s the Same Waterfall’ – Waterfall Person
It’s true. This beautiful tune is here to remind you that this day is actually very similar to the one before, but your feelings – they are lying to you. Stop taking them so seriously.

2. ‘Hymn’ – Tonstartssbandht
I haven’t looked up the lyrics to this song, but I like to think it’s about floating up a long dark tunnel toward the welcoming light of heaven. Steve Erwin awaits your arrival! He’ll give you an animated guided tour of your new heavenly home.

3. ‘Holiday’ – Hit the Jackpot
You need a holiday. Wouldn’t that be nice eh? Well you can’t afford one due to your party related financial decisions. Sorry! Hopefully you have enough washing powder to clean the vomit off your sheets.

4. ‘Remorse’ – Gregor
You have vague memories of yelling enthusiastically into many nameless faces at last nights super hip backyard party, but what were you saying? Did you offend anyone? Let’s face facts, you were super cooked and definitely more annoying than your friends will care to tell you.

5. ‘Back Baby’ – Jessica Pratt
Times like these, what you really need is a big warm hug, but you smell like beer juice and no one is going anywhere near you. Until you hit the shower this Jessica Pratt song is as close as you’ll get.

6. ‘Dan Bilzerian’ – Tramcops
Dan Bilzerian is a shitty celebrity who voted for Donald Trump. Wikipedia tells me his hard and fast lifestyle resulted in three heart attacks by the time he was 32! Wow, what a party animal! I’m sure he’s felt a sharp sting similar of your current hangover, but the difference is you don’t have your Daddy’s trust fund to make you feel better.

7. ‘Ano – Yan’ – Qwerty
I really like this song. I trust you like it too. I hope it might at least for a moment get you out of that throbbing head of yours.

8. ‘Water’ - Juan Wauters
“Do I belong? Who is it that I am? What is it that I’m for?” sings Juan. Valid questions! Even more so when you’re coming down from a night on the uppers. Don’t worry, pretty soon you’ll be back slaving away at work like a robot and you won’t question any of it.

9. ‘Sundowner’ – Kitchen’s Floor
How about a bit of angst to combat that beer fear? That makes sense doesn’t it?

10. ‘Hamster’ – The Ancients
No connection between hamsters and hangovers that I can think of. Maybe you and your pet hamster had a naughty night in? On a serious note, this is a soothing tune by a fantastic band. Turn it up loud to muffle those horrid vomit noises. Your housemates don’t want to know about it!

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