Long-running reggae singer Alborosie is releasing his new album Destiny this Friday (5/26) via Greensleeves Records, VP Records and Shengen Entertainment. "I cannot make music that reflects the non-relevant," Alborosie says of the album. "My Reggae should relate to the present." The album features appearances by Kabaka Pyramid, Buju Banton, Burro Banton, and more, and we're now premiering "Faith" featuring Jaz Elise. It's a hypnotic, dubby reggae song and Alborosie and Jaz Elise's voices sound great together. Here's what Alborosie tells us about the song's themes, and working with Jaz:

When I wrote the song, I, you know, I was thinking about like faith in general, not only spiritual Faith but also faith in people for a better day, a better tomorrow. So you must have faith in life, you know, and also be a little bit more spiritual, which is not a bad thing. Nowadays we are kind of losing touch with spiritualism and that is something necessary to survive. A little bit of spiritualism, it is necessary, so you must have faith in life, you know. I'm a faithful person. So I have faith and many times in my life, I said your faith is all I have. So, all I have is faith.

Jaz Elise is my friend, I call her Jazzy. I know her a long time and I'm a fan of her music. She's very talented. I like to record people, especially talented people like Jaz, so It was a pleasure to work with her, you know, I'm looking forward to doing some, some shows together.

Listen to the new song and watch the video for previous single "Viral" below.

Jaz Elise released her own new single "Rice & Peas" earlier this year.

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