Legendary NYC punk club CBGB closed in 2006, but you can take a tour of its grafiti-and-flyer-covered interior via a pretty cool VR walkthrough. It starts outside the club on Bowery, and judging by the Village Voice someone is holding up, these VR shots were taken the year the club closed. You then enter, as you always did, through Hilly Krystal's office and then inside. There are 360 degree views from the bar, the soundbooth, the lighting board, the stage, the dressing room and, yes, the infamous bathrooms.

The 360 shots offer a lot of detail and you can almost smell the 40 years of sweat, stale beer and cigarettes while spinning around these shots. There are annotated notes, too, and it really does take you back. Check it out here (h/t Flaming Pablum).

New CBGB documentary Shots in the Dark with Dave Godlis showed at the New York Film Festival this year, including a screening projected against the facade of the club's original location at 315 Bowery.

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