Recently, Philadelphia indie-punks Remember Sports returned with "Pinky Ring" (which we named one of thebest punk songs of February), their first single since 2018's Slow Buzz and the first track off their forthcoming fourth album, Like a Stone (due April 23 via Father/Daughter and Big Scary Monsters).

Today, the group have followed up with a second single, "Materialistic." Contrasting the punkier previous single, this one is sonically sweet, fueled by fuzzy yet smooth guitars and head-bobbing drums, but riddled with deeply introspective lyrical material. It seems to speak of a bubbling internal monologue, in which the speaker circles back and forth attempting to reconcile with the past and stay connected to things and people they've lost through fleeting memories as they become more and more distant.

"It's about the feedback loop of me caring about my possessions because they hold special memories, and alternately thinking I'm a bad person for caring about a mostly meaningless pile of junk," vocalist Carmen Perry explained. "Archive the past with some shit that won't last you a lifetime," she croons on the track, later assisted with backing vocals from Nadia Hulett of Nadine. It's a beautiful track, but a somber and sobering one. Take a listen below.

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