hey all, welcome Finger on the Pulse. ANOTHER dance-related new feature on BV. These posts will be in addition to what David Bruno does...

Finger on the PulseHello. Welcome to our first 'remixed' post - a place for us to provide you with some of the latest tracks we're listening to, playing out, or....well, we're open to suggestions. We're getting ahead of ourselves though. How about an introduction? We (yes, there are two of us) are 'finger on the pulse' (aka terry diabolik and dj never forget) - throwers of a party at Royal Oak in Williamsburg every 2nd Friday of the month (this week we have the very lovely Ira of CSS guest DJing). Terry spins mainly soul music, and NF plays pretty much everything else. We'll also use this post as a way to let you know about other parties we're playing - like the one at Slipper Room tonight (Jan 10). You'll also find us on MySpace, and via email. Feel free to reach out. Without further ado....

DOWNLOAD: HEARTSREVOLUTION ~ C.Y.O.A (Lauren Flax String Theory Rmx) (MP3)


On Monday we're heading out to la to dj Franki Chan's 'still fucking awesome' party, so we decided to ask him what was new with his IHEARTCOMIX label. Ends up, he decided to let us premiere a track off IHEARTCOMIX's first release of the year. The group is called HEARTSREVOLUTION. You may know them as the kids behind the heartschallenger ice cream truck that visits many amazing events (not to be confused with Ice Cream Man).

The song is called "C.Y.O.A" (Choose Your Own Adventure) - off HEARTSREVOLUTION's debut 12" of the same name, and the track we have for you above was remixed by our girl lauren flax whose remixes and skills we've fallen in love with over the last year. Cover art is by the unreal kate moross, and you'll be able to buy it worldwide on March 3rd. Pink vinyl will be available through turntable lab distro, and all online outlets. There will also be remixes by Brodinksi, cfcf, Lazaro Casanova and Dan Oh, so you know this is going to be a must have.

keep going for more MP3s and other stuff....................

DOWNLOAD: nina simone ~ ain't got no / i got life (Groovefinder remix) (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Terry Diabolik - and i'm feelin' good (mix) (MP3)

Nina Simone

With her sultry voice and deep brooding overtones, Nina Simone has always been my (terry here) go-to girl for slow Sunday afternoons after a long weekend. Songs like "feelin' good" and "my baby just cares for me" have always been solid cuts to drop at the end of the night, but I was desperately searching for a Simone banger to play at the height of an evening. So many thanks to UK duo groovefinder who remixed Nina's cover of "ain't got no / i got life" - check out their whole discography. I've included that track seperately, and a mix I made that also contains it. Catch it.


DOWNLOAD: Like WOAH~ WHITENOISE (VNDLSM's Wilson Thrill Son Mash) (MP3)


VNDLSM has been heating up for a while now. Their 'Umbrella' remix was a staple this summer, and I am excited to announce they handed us an exclusive of Like WOAH!'s "Whitenoise" in anticipation of their Studio B gig this Saturday (Jan 12). Here is what they had to say:

This track your listening too right now is basically mashup of fine ladies and strong men. And it's got requires the volume to be on blast. That is all.

Tonight we are djing at the VICE / Dewars Debate of for hippies vs yuppies. Tomorrow night is the backbone with Ira of Css, and as we also mentioned above, VNDLSM and Radioclit are playing at studio b on Saturday......

Finger on the Pulse

Finger on the Pulse

VNDLSM - 2008 Tour Dates
Jan 12 - VNDLSM @ Studio B Brooklyn, New York
Jan 25 - VNDLSM @ CHEVAL Toronto, Ontario
Jan 26 - Sta’s In Living Color Release Party Ambler, Alaska
Feb 15 - VNDLSM @ CiRCA Toronto, Ontario

Finger on the Pulse

First person to read down this far and email BVCONTESTS@HOTMAIL.COM (subject: VNDLSM) will get a free pair of tickets to Studio B Saturday. Include your first and last name.