Remo Drive have shared a new single off their anticipated third album, A Portrait of an Ugly Man, which comes out June 26 via Epitaph (pre-order). It's called "A Flower and a Weed," and it's yet another example of this band moving far away from their emo/pop punk roots into Americana and classic rock-inspired territory. The new vibe suits them well and this is yet another promising taste of the new album; listen and watch the lyric video right here:

Meanwhile, we asked Remo Drive to make us a playlist of some music they've been listening to while quarantined, and they decided to take the opportunity to make a playlist of their favorite songs of the 2010s. They chose songs by Big Thief, Pedro the Lion, Queens of the Stone Age, Frank Ocean, Daft Punk, Title Fight, and more, and wrote commentary on each pick. Listen to their playlist and read on for what they had to say:

Erik’s Picks:

Big Thief - "Vegas"

I first saw Big Thief without knowing anything about their music. They were the opening band for Yuck, another band I am not very familiar with. I went to the show with no expectations other than that I would be hearing music. Not only was I right (I did hear music); it was some of the best I’d ever heard. At the time, their first record, Masterpiece, was not yet available. The wait between the show and the release date felt like it took forever. I am so happy to have their music in my life.

Pedro The Lion - "Model Homes"

David Bazan is one of the best songwriters we have ever had. The arrangements on this record blow my mind. I have never heard Rock music that is so conscious of how each instrument interplays with the others. The cherry on top is the world class lyricist and singer. Wait... that’s actually another scoop of ice cream... The real cherry on top is the fantastic recording quality.

Twain - "The Sorcerer"

Twain is an artist I first heard when I went to see Big Thief a second time. This song sticks out to me because of its gentle sense of humor and hypnotic melody. He is a fantastic songwriter and a deeply emotive singer.

Queens of the Stone Age - "I Appear Missing"

It is no secret that Queens of the Stone Age are experts at writing fast moving, heavy hitting, rock songs. Something they seem to get less credit for is their ability to write slow moving, dynamic, emotional, rock songs. This is one of their best.

Andy Shauf - "To You"

It seems to be a trend that my favorite artists are ones I see live without any prior knowledge of their music. Andy Shauf is another example of this. My friends, Juniper Douglas, were opening an Andy Shauf show in Minneapolis. Their set was fantastic, and so was his. I have since grown incredibly close to many of his records. I would recommend starting with The Party if you aren’t already familiar.

Stephen's Picks:

Tokyo Police Club - "Favorite Food"

I discovered this band and album when I went to go see Foster the People in 2012 at US Bank Theater/Target Center with a really good friend of mine. We waiting for three hours before the show so we could get right to the barricade, which was amazing to a show that close in such a huge performance space. But Tokyo Police Club was the one of three for this show and their performance was primarily songs from Champ and it was filled with so much energy. I love how this song starts off the record and it is one of my favorites.

Frank Ocean - "Crack Rock"

Amazing song from an amazing record with a lot of nostalgia. I spent so much time listening to this record in high school and love groove, Frank’s vocal performance, and the lyrics with the song.

Queens of the Stone Age - "Smooth Sailing"

Like Erik said, it's no secret that QOTSA are experts at writing fast moving, heavy hitting, rock songs. …Like Clockwork is such an amazing record, and this song whenever it comes on just makes me want to dance, an attitude to it that hits me in the soul, and just it a really fun track.

Daft Punk - "Instant Crush"

An amazing song and cool collaboration between Daft Punk and Julian Casablancas. A modern classic.

Title Fight - "Numb, But I Still Feel It"

Floral Green by Title Fight blew me away from my first listen and it inspired me to want to start Remo Drive. I had never heard a record like it before and this song starting off the record was so powerful.


More on Remo Drive's new album here.

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