Back in the George W Bush era, hardcore vets Vic Bondi (of Articles of Faith, Alloy, etc) and J Robbins (Jawbox, Government Issue, etc) formed Report Suspicious Activity with two members of Kerosene 454 and Oswego, Darren Zentek and Erik Denno. They released two albums, their 2005 self-titled and 2008's Destroy All Evidence, as well as the 2006 Dreamland EP. They eventually fizzled out and members stayed busy with other projects, but then another awful president came into office, and RSA regrouped for the Trump era. "Darren called Vic two days after the election. And J. and Erik. Vic and J wrote new songs. Three months after the election they were back in the studio and tracking. The result? — Ten tracks smack in the middle of today. About huge moving things, mostly unseen," reads the page on Arctic Rodeo Recordings' website for the band's reunion album Leviathan which came out this past December. Earlier this month, they followed that album with the new single "The Wilderness" (backed by a cover of Motorhead's "Just ‘Cos You Got the Power"), and they just released a video for that song. Like the stuff they made the first time around, the new music is pulverizing political post-hardcore, and Vic Bondi's raspy bark has only gotten burlier since the Articles of Faith days. Check out the new video and stream Leviathan below.

RSA played a few shows this year, and their last show of 2018 will be at The Fest this weekend. They play at 6:50 PM at The Wooly on Sunday (10/28) on a bill that also includes Mock Orange (celebrating the 20th anniversary of Nines and Sixes), Look Mexico, Typesetter, City Mouse, Mobina Galore, Night Witch, Gillian Carter, and Zeta (that's a pretty great bill all around). J Robbins and Vic Bondi also play a duo set at The Fest at 10:20 PM at Civic Media Center on Friday (10/26), directly before an acoustic set by War On Women.

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