Toronto blackened screamo act Respire will follow 2018's Dénouement (and its orchestral companion piece Memorial) with their third proper album, Black Line, on November 13 via Holy Roar Records.

UPDATE: The album now comes out December 4 via Church Road Records, the new label started by former Holy Roar label manager Justine Jones, following allegations of sexual assault against Holy Roar founder Alex Fitzpatrick, and the effective dissolution of the label.

"Black Line marks a notable shift in our thematic subject," the band tells us. "While our lyrics have previously focused inward, Black Line looks out - begging the possibility of authentic recovery in a world growing increasingly ill." The first single is "Tempest" -- a song "about reclaiming agency in a world we often feel like mere spectators in - a world that abets the rise of fascism and drives climate catastrophe [...] about finding peace in the inevitability of destruction, death, and decay" -- and it premieres in this post along with its video.

"We wanted to create a visual accompaniment that would be both unique and interesting, while working within the bounds of early COVID-19 restrictions in Toronto," the band adds, regarding the video. "We captured DIY footage of ourselves in alleys, walkways, practice spaces, and our bedrooms - handing the material over to Dave Cullen of Crowning/Zegema Beach Records. The resulting montage of projections were produced by Dave in Chicago, across a closed down border that continues to divide artists and creatives trying to work together."

Musically, "Tempest" picks up right where Dénouement left off and finds the band continuing to push forward. Like the subject matter, the music can be dark, harsh, and intense, but there's also a real beauty to it and a sense of hope. The violin adds a Godspeed You! Black Emperor type edge and the song ebbs and flows like the most climactic post-rock bands. You feel the song's emotion and narrative stirring within the instrumental crescendos as much as you hear it in the passionately shrieked vocals.

Listen and watch the video below...

1. Blight
2. Tempest
3. Cicatrice
4. Lost Virtue
5. Kindling
6. Embers to End
7. Flicker and Faint
8. To Our Dead Friends
9. Catacombs Part II


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