Sad to report that Rex Nayman, of '80s cult post-punk group Rexy, died a few weeks ago. She had been battling breast cancer for a few years.

Part of the London's fashion-centric Blitz Kids scene of the late-'70s, Nayman formed Rexy with Vic Martin (who would later join Eurythmics) and released one album, Running Out of Time, in 1981. A mix of originals and covers, the album has a ramshackle DIY charm and a big part of that is Nayman's heavily accented vocals. A true cult album, original copies of Running Out of Time went for hundreds of dollars on the second market but got reissued in 2016 thanks to singer Samantha Urbani.

The renewed interest prompted Nayman and Martin to release a second album, Rexy II, in 2020. They still had the spark, and one of the songs, "Fading Away," is a lovely tribute to the Blitz Kids, and in particular, late Visage founder Steve Strange. Listen to that and both albums below.

Rest in peace, Rex.

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