Providence screamo/post-hardcore band Dreamwell dropped the very awesome single "Painting Myself a Darker Day" in mid 2020, and now they're gearing up to release a new full-length album, Modern Grotesque, featuring a re-recording of that song and ten other new ones. It comes out February 26 via Mourning Records (home of Colour In The Clouds, Funeral Fires, etc), and today we're premiering its new single "Sayaka."

"Sayaka" kinda sounds like a cross between early La Dispute and traditional '90s screamo, and Dreamwell favor big, loud, crystal-clear production that really makes a song like this explode. They've got familiar ingredients in their sound, but they make them feel fresh and they really bring something new to the table. If you like intense, impassioned, heavy music, do not sleep on this. Listen below.


1. What Does it Mean to Live in a Grotesquerie
2. Painting Myself a Darker Day
3. Sayaka
4. A Crouching Tiger Waits For Prey That Never Comes
5. Plague Father; Vermin Son
6. You Dream't of Me. I Dream't of a Mountain
7. The Vessel Bears My Face
8. The Lost Ballad of Dominic Anneghi
9. Modern Grotesque
10. Sisyphean Happiness

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