Graham Parker, Richard Barone, Nils Lofgren, Jen Chapin, and many more have contributed tracks to Willie Nile Uncovered (Celebrating 40 Years of Music), a new double-CD compilation that pays tribute to long-running NYC singer-songwriter Willie Nile. “I’m humbled and deeply grateful to all the artists involved in this project for taking the time to record such beautiful versions of these songs,” says Nile. “When I first heard there was going to be a tribute album I was a little embarrassed as I don’t feel I’m any more deserving than anyone else for an album like this but after a few glasses of red wine and hearing the album I was elated. It was startling to hear such unique, different and poignant interpretations of my songs. Heartfelt thanks to all involved for making this songwriter’s journey through the back roads of a soul more than worth the effort.”

We've got the premiere of Richard Barone's cover of "The Streets of New York." The onetime Bongos frontman givens the song a sweeping, jangly interpretation that owes a lot to NYC's rock past. “One of the many things Willie Nile and I share in common is a true love for New York City," says Richard. "It comes through not just in lyrics but in the way we play and how we sing. It’s a particular kind of defiance that is always apparent. I first heard this song when Willie and I were on tour in the U.K., in Wales I think, and it didn’t just speak to me, it kinda spoke for me. Especially when we were far away from home. It’s the song I knew I had to sing for this album. The past few months here in NYC, filled with loss and dread, have made me love and appreciate the City even more. To me, this song, so beautifully written, and this video — so beautifully shot by Bryan Berrios — are an open love letter to New York City. Thank you Willie for giving me such a great script, and for giving the City such a great song.” You can watch the video for "The Streets of New York," and check out the full tracklist, below.

Willie Nile Uncovered (Celebrating 40 Years of Music) is out August 21 and you can preorder it here.


Willie Nile Uncovered (Celebrating 40 Years of Music) tracklist:
Graham Parker - One Guitar
Richard Barone - The Streets Of New York
James Maddock - She's Got My Heart
John Gorka - I Can't Do Crazy Anymore
Dan Bern - Life on Bleecker Street
Kenny White - Vagabound Moon
Elliot Murphy - Champs-Elyses
Emily Duff - Hell Yeah!
Gene Casey - American Ride
Caroline Doctorow - Lonesome Dark-Eyed Beauty
Jen Chapin - The Crossing
Pete Mancini - Asking Annie Out
Russ Seeger - On Some Rainy Day
Quarter Horse - When Levon Sings
The Excel Kings - That's The Reason
Leeland Sundries - The Day I Saw Bo Diddley In Washington Square
Johnny Pisano - One Guitar

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