Throughout much of last year, Richard Buckner has been touring fans' living rooms across the country (like he's done in the past), and he'll be continuing to do so into 2018. These very intimate shows are set to take place in many Northeastern cities, and tickets for these shows go on sale today at 3 PM.

In addition to the living room shows, Richard will be playing several shows with a more traditional setup, including a stop at NYC's Union Hall on March 2. Tickets are on sale now.

We are Buckner fans, but you probably won't spot Steve Earle at one of Buckner's shows. He is not a fan, to put it mildly. The subject came up when Earle was talking with Toronto's The Globe and Mail about Colter Wall:

You've got a great Canadian fan base. Do you keep an eye on the music coming out of here?

The best singer-songwriter I've come across in years is a Canadian. His name is Colter Wall. He's from Saskatchewan, and he's incredible. His songs are stunning. He's been listening to the right stuff, and he gets it.

I haven't heard his new album yet, but I heard him described as "bad Richard Buckner."

Richard Buckner sucks. Richard Buckner is the most overrated songwriter in the history of songwriting ever. Girls liked him, because he stared at his feet. He's a neanderthal. I know Buckner.

I'm quite fond of Buckner's music. Particularly, The Hill (2000).

He can't write his way out of a wet paper bag. Richard Buckner was nothing but a painfully alternative hipster's darling. But I hate a lot of things people think are brilliant. I will not read Cormac McCarthy again. Technically, he's one of the best writers I've ever come across. But I don't think his intentions are good. I don't think he likes us. I don't think he likes himself. Actually, I think he likes himself just fine. That's what's so disgusting about it. I think he thinks the rest of us are pieces of [garbage].

For those who aren't Steve Earle and want to catch one of Richard Buckner's show, all dates are listed below.

Richard Buckner's last album was 2013's Surrounded. He also reissued his 2002 record Impasse last year, in honor of its 15th anniversary. You can hear a track from each album below.

If, like Steve (and us), you like Colter Wall, he's on tour this year too.

Richard Buckner - 2018 Tour Dates
Fri March 2 : Union Hall - Brooklyn NY
Tue March 6 : Burlington VT (living room show)
Wed March 7 : Portsmouth NH (living room show)
Thur March 8 : Portland ME (living room show)
Fri March 9 : Boston MA (living room show)
Sat March 10 : Providence RI (living room show)
Sun March 11 : Hartford CT (living room show)
Mon March 12 : Amherst MA (living room show)
Sat April 28 : Francke Center for the Arts - Marshall MI
Sun April 29 : Rumba Cafe - Columbus OH

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