Margot & the Nuclear So and So’s frontman Richard Edwards will release his third solo album, The Soft Ache And The Moon, on June 12 (pre-order). He co-produced it with Mike Bloom (who also worked on both of Richard's other solo albums) and he says, "As has been the unfortunate case for the past few years of my life, upon getting started on a new record, I fell ill and had to make other plans. I built a small studio in my house, where I was stuck for over a year of illness, and worked on finishing it long distance with my Los Angeles based band. It is more or less about things never quite getting back to normal after a personal cataclysm. And hopefully it's actually about more than that, too."

Richard recently released lead single "January," and we're now premiering second single "Inchyra Blue." Both songs find Richard making blissful, atmospheric piano balladry and building to swelling, multi-layered crescendos. Richard says that he wrote both songs while dancing alone in his house (something a lot of us are probably doing lately). "At its core, ["Inchyra Blue"] is a self empowerment anthem about home renovation," he adds about the newest one. "At its not core, it is about something else. I always love my friend Pete Thomas’ drumming, but I especially love it here." Listen to both new songs below.

1. January
2. Monkey
3. The Things We Will Do To Each Other Someday
4. Pink lightning
5. Inchyra Blue
6. Sandraʼs Stuff
7. Cruel and Uncomplicated
8. Happy Christmas (The Whole World Has Changed)
9. Velvet Ocean, Super Moon