Richmond's Black Matter Device (who are fronted by Infant Island associate Michael Toney) will release new album Autonomous Weapons on April 22 via via Dark Trail Records, and lead single "Sewer Slide Pact" is a totally chaotic offering of grindy, mathy, dissonant hardcore, and it truly shreds. Listen below.

1. Man vs Man vs Machine
2. Blood Splatter Ink Blot
3. Meat Computers
4. Sesame Street Sweeper
5. Sewer Slide Pact
6. Dungeons and Drug Dealers
7. Y'all Wanna Play This?
8. Jay Dino Dies
9. Mutually Assured Uncertainty
10. Coffin Flops
11. God Knows And He Ain't Tellin'
12. Concrete Nose Dive
13. Snuff Film Actor's Guild
14. Gender Mountain


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