Richmond indie-punk newcomers Frames (not to be confused with Glen Hansard's long-running band The Frames) (or the couple other artists named Frames for that matter) will release their debut album, Every Room, on September 24 via Know Hope Records (pre-order). So far two singles are out, "Tabletop" and "Brewery," and we're premiering the video for "Tabletop." Vocalist/guitarist Sarah Phung told us over email that "Tabletop" is "one of my favorite songs i've written i don't even care how short it is, it's perfect that way. It has a moody and sexual undertone but i hope the rest of it isn't lost on people. The song is much like me: short and angsty."

Drummer Alex Wilson added this about the video, "With this video we wanted to emulate the vibe of watching a music video on YouTube in the mid-2000s. So it's intentionally compressed and kinda pixelated at times. We're all in our mid-late twenties so we've got a lot of childhood nostalgia for those days. Like clicking on the video for some Taking Back Sunday song and waiting forever for it to load because your internet is barely good enough. Then just marveling at the hilariously compressed 240p magic happening before your eyes. Good times. Thanks to our buddy Gavin Stout for doing such a great job working to match our vision."

That nostalgic, pixelated vibe definitely comes through (down to the blurry song title in the lower third), and it's a good fit for Frames, whose catchy blend of punk, emo, and indie rock is equally nostalgia-inducing. Check it out below.