After releasing an album earlier this year with his punk band Teen Suicide, Sam Ray put out a new LP by his electronic project Ricky Eat Acid, Talk To You Soon. The album, which features string arrangements by Owen Pallett, dropped yesterday (10/28) via Terrible Records, and Ricky Eat Acid brought his tour with his wife Kitty (fka Kitty Pryde) to Brooklyn's Baby's All Right the day before that (10/27). Both Kitty and Sam hung on stage during the other's set, and there was also a big inflatable flamingo on stage:

Kitty's set included her recent Adult Swim Single "Asari Love Song," her song about 285 Kent, and more. Her first proper album, Miami Garden Club, was recently successfully funded on Kickstarter (release date still TBA).

Sam and Kitty also talked to Popdust before the show and mentioned they have a collaborative EDM project on the way:

PD: Do you guys ever feel like you're competing for audience at shows or is it just like a super supportive husband/wife thing?

Kitty: Not at all – Sam worked on my album and we have been best friends for a really long time. Now we're working on a new project together – a hard ass EDM project that nobody wants to talk about, they just want to talk about our records.

PD: I would like to hear about your awesome ass EDM project!

REA: It's always been the kind of music I liked, but didn't know a lot about making; she kills it and people don't even know. People know, but she kills it way harder than me with a computer and producing. It's just a good team thing.

Pictures of the Baby's show, including openers Kraus and NOLIFE (who worked on the new Frank Ocean album), are in the gallery above.


photos by Amanda Hatfield