Foxing have been working on their anticipated fourth album with Andy Hull of Manchester Orchestra, and in the midst of that comes some unfortunate news for the band. Longtime guitarist Ricky Sampson has left the band after nine years. He wrote on the band's Twitter account:

Hey this is Ricky, after 9 years I’m finally ready to make some new life moves. With the recent pandemic it’s shown some light on where my current priorities lie. I love my band mates and I love touring but it’s time for me to move on and start a new chapter of my life.

I’ve been going to school and finally accepting stability into my life. Big love to my bandmates and their new album coming soon. Big love to all the friends I’ve made through a lifetime of touring.

And finally thank you to everyone who’s supported us through all these years. See you all on the other side.

Good luck to whatever you do next, Ricky. We'll miss you in Foxing!

In 2017, founding bassist Josh Coll left the band as well.

Stay tuned for more on Foxing's next album. Their previous album was 2018's Nearer My God, which we named the 75th best album of the 2010s and the 2nd best punk or emo album of the decade.

Ricky also recently released a solo EP as Enrique Sampson the Third. Stream that and watch Foxing's Tiny Desk Concert below...


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