Rico Nasty is back with a new song, "Money," and it finds her teaming up with fellow Kenny Beats collaborator Flo Milli. This one was produced by Boys Noize, and it's a loud, booming rap banger that finds all three artists sounding great together. Listen and watch the video below.

Meanwhile, Rico has been on tour with Playboi Carti, and she has not been happy with Carti's fans, as HipHopDX reports:

Rico Nasty took matters into her own hands at a Playboi Carti concert in Portland, Oregon on Saturday night (November 13) when someone threw a bottle at her.

The Washington D.C. native was in the middle of her opening set when she was hit with an object. She immediately stopped the show and yelled, “Who, bitch? Be specific […] who was it? Who the fuck was it? Who the fuck was it? Where they going? Somebody come get this.” With that, she jumped into the crowd and attempted to find the guilty party.

But security was on Rico’s tail and pulled her away before the situation escalated further.

Rico Nasty has expressed her disdain for Playboi Carti’s fans since the onset of the King Vamp Tour. During a stop in Los Angeles earlier this month, the crowd began to boo Rico as soon as she stepped onstage.

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