This Friday (12/3), Philly's Rid of Me (members of Fight Amp, Anxiety Spiral, Low Dose, Legendary Divorce, and Soul Glo) will release their new album Traveling on Knife Hits Records (digital/cassette/CD) and The Ghost Is Clear Records (vinyl), but the whole thing is streaming now, two days early. As you might expect from a band named after PJ Harvey's Rid of Me, these songs are noisy and grungy and very '90s-sounding, but Rid of Me make it their own. The whole LP rips, and you can hear it in full over at Ghettoblaster.

Rid of Me also play a run of shows this week/weekend, starting in Philly on Thursday (12/2) and ending at NYC's Mercury Lounge on December 5 with Wives and Yeah Baby (tickets). All dates are listed below.

As the year comes to a close, we asked Rid of Me what their favorite albums of 2021 were, and drummer Mike Howard made us a list that includes Soul Glo, Portrayal of Guilt, Show Me The Body, Dream Unending, Militarie Gun, Yautja, and more. Mike also wrote a bit about each pick. Read on for what he had to say...

Mike Howard's (Rid of Me) 10 Favorite Albums of 2021

1. Portrayal of Guilt - We Are Always Alone & Christfucker
Put out 2 records this year and neither disappointed. This band has been non-stop since they began and I feel like they just get better. If you don’t fuck with this I probably don’t fuck with you.

2. VR Sex - Cyber Crimes
Features members of Drab Majesty and is super catchy. Lots of cool genres like post-punk but with synth and ambient noise parts.

3. Nag - Observer
Awesome punk band from Atlanta. Lots of energy and great guitar hooks. Been playing this one a lot!

4. Soul Glo - DisN****, Vol 1 & Vol 2
Don’t know what is not to like about this band. They give you everything you need. Every release you can find punk, hardcore, rap and hip hop, horns, blast beats, break downs. This band delivers always and I can’t wait for their new LP next year! Don’t sleep on this.

5. Mesh - Mesh EP
This album is just fun and makes you feel happy. My 6 and 9 year old kids sing "CIA Mind Control" every day now.

6. Show Me The Body - Survive
These guys have been around for a while and I wish they had more releases like this. Short release but every song kicks ass. Band is super crazy live and I can’t wait to hear them play these new songs.

7. Dream Unending - Tide Turns Eternal
Just came out this week but I've been anxiously waiting for it. Album is so heavy yet has so many pretty sounding melodies and quiet sections that just build back into crushing riffs. Members of Tomb Mold and Innumerable Forms.

8. Spy - Habitual Offender
Newer Bay Area hardcore band. Songs rip fast and hard with your occasional floor punch break down. These songs definitely make you want to go punch a cop in the face.

9. Militarie Gun - All Roads Lead To The Gun
Really catchy post-punk/hardcore meets indie rock. Songs are really energetic and have tons of cool hooks.

10. Yautja - The Lurch
Man I wish these guys had more albums. This whole album kills. Each member is so tight and plays their instrument so hard. If you play drums listen to this record and try not to hate how much you suck afterwards.

Honorable Mentions:
Eye Flys - Exigent Circumstance
Terminal Bliss - Brute Err/ata
Quarantine - Agony
Ideation - Blunt Instrument
Under Attack - Preservation’s Crash
Fatal Wound - Demo


Rid Of Me -- 2021 Tour Dates
Dec 2 – Philadelphia, PA at Silk City (LP release)
Dec 3 – Washington, DC at Pie Shop
Dec 4 – Boston, MA at O’Briens
Dec 5 – NYC at Mercury Lounge

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