Ride have announced details of their upcoming reissues of their early catalog. On November 4, Wichita Records will release vinyl and CD reissues of 1990's Nowhere and 1992's Going Blank Again. Also out that day, and perhaps most exciting of all, is compilation 4 EPs, that for the first time collects Ride's first four EPs -- Ride, Play, Fall, and Today Forever -- onto one set.

All these reissues feature remastered audio, and Ride's Andy Bell told us, "These are my favourite pressings ever of these albums. Creation was an amazing record label but they didn’t press on the greatest vinyl. I’d rather have one of these new ones than an original any day."

4 EPs will be available as a double LP set on white vinyl in a gatefold sleeve with "new (but old school) Ride artwork" and a 14-page booklet featuring rare archive photos and new liner notes by Sonic Cathedral label owner Nathaniel Cramp.

Nowhere is being pressed on transparent curacao vinyl and comes in a reverse board gatefold sleeve, while Going Blank Again is pressed on double transparent orange vinyl and comes in a gloss machine varnish gatefold sleeve.

There are also bundles for these albums that come with t-shirts featuring the album art. Unfortunately these Wichita reissues are UK only, but their web store does ship to North America. Pre-order yours.

Today Forever made our list of the 20 Best Shoegaze EPs of the Early '90s; Nowhere made our list of Creation Records Best Records; and we recently looked back on Going Blank Again for its 30th anniversary.

In other news, Ride are gearing up to finally go out on their UK tour celebrating the (belated) 30th anniversary of Nowhere, and those dates are listed below.

While there's been no word of them bringing the tour to North America, they are releasing a film of their Nowhere set via Moment House. "It's filmed in as close a location as we could get to the site of the original recording session at Blackwing studios," says Bell. That will premiere on October 22 and tickets are on sale now.

Check out artwork and tracklists for the upcoming Ride reissues below.

Still to come are reissues of Ride's final two original era albums: 1994's Carnival of Light and 1996's Tarantula. Stay tuned for details on those.


Ride - 4 EPs tracklist
Chelsea Girl
Drive Blind
All I Can See
Close My Eyes
Like A Daydream
Furthest Sense
Perfect Time
Dreams Burn Down
Here and Now


Ride - Nowhere tracklist
In a Different Place
Polar Bear
Dreams Burn Down
Vapour Trail

attachment-going blank again

Ride - Going Blank Again tracklist:
Leave Them All Behind
Not Fazed
Chrome Waves
Mouse Trap
Time of Her Time
Cool Your Boots
Making Judy Smile
Time Machine
Going Blank Again
Howard Hughes


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