Ride's Andy Bell is releasing his first-ever solo single as part of shoegaze-centric UK label Sonic Cathedral's Singles Club. "Plastic Bag" is unlike anything Bell's ever released -- gentle and borderline ambient, with ghostly piano set against ethereal guitar drones. You can listen below.

The Sonic Cathedral Singles Club drops a new 7" single every month of 2019. The November edition is from Slowdive who will offer up a live recording of "Golden Hair" which takes up both sides of the record. Previous 2019 Singles Club selections include Luna, Tanukichan, Bdrmm, Topographies, Buffalo Postcard, Measured, Perfect Body, and Linda Guilala. You can still subscribe.

Bell has stayed busy this year. Ride put out the terrific This is Not a Safe Place earlier this year, and he released a compilation of his work under the electronic alias GLOK as well (stream that below, too).

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